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Description : Shanghai standing display model, Ltd. engaged in various models of production, the main products are: all kinds of custom ship models , model boats, container model, real estate model, sand table, workers Business models, gifts model, garage model, mechanical model, cold rolling mill model, engine model, telephone model, exhibitions and a variety of dynamic models, static model.
Factories adhere to the "quality" as the fundamental, "America," featuring the "quantity" of profits to "market" oriented to "technology" as the basis, "innovation" for the development, the number of Years, has won the trust of thousands of customers worldwide. Factories continue to develop new technology to meet customers' needs. Main: Mechanical model; industrial production line model; ship model; aviation model; aircraft model, lever model; gift model; architectural model; estate model, the pipeline model, engine model Various models of the tower crane model, garage model, the pipe model, robot models can be customized robot model, dynamic garage model, ship model Various models can be customized, teaching model, rig model (model land drilling rigs, offshore drilling platform model, oil exploration model, truck model, mechanical model, product mold Type, model boats, ship models (model bulk carriers, container ship model, oil tanker model, piping model, fitted hanging system model sailboat model, etc.) garage model (mobile garage, garage tower
Category : Business Type:Others
Services : Made Model
Category : Business Type:Others
Services : Aluminum Window,Aluminum Door
Services : stainless steel tube, stainless steel bar, alloy tube, fittings, hot dipped gavalnized coils, valve and so on