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Description : Zeli PharmaTech is a key private high-tech corporation of Guangdong province, who invented the patent-HHLSE(High-efficiency High- pressure Low-temperature Continuous Extraction Separation Technology and Equipment).He has the ability to help you solving those problems. With this technology and equipment, the whole process of extraction are at High pressure and Low temperature, it is highly efficient, and the content, color, smell and taste of extraction what we get are exact similar with the raw material. During the extract process, we can remove the heavy metal and pesticides with physics method but no chemical. During the separation and concentration, we are the first company utilizing complete membrane method in China. The whole process are finished in our super clean workshop, it is entirely automatic controlled, and our workshop are entirely without industrial solid waste. So, when you visit our company, you will see a workshop: High Efficient in extraction. High production efficient. High quality controllability. Highly automatic. Low expenses. Low pollution. Free heavy metal and pesticide residues. Welcome you come and visit our workshop in Guangzhou. The Main Products we are offering are as follows: Bio-Similar Extracts B.E.(The content, smell, color and taste are similar as raw material.) 2)Single or Formula TCM concentrated Granules. Purely Nature instant Tea.F.E.(Flavor Extract(Juice, Instant Teas, Volatile and Essential oils)) Purified Extracts P.E.(Ingredient and Standard Herbal Extract). OEM Service Produce according to customers' personalized specification. Pls feel free to contact with us if you need catalogue or product specification. And also, if you want to know more details or have any question about our products or technology, pls feel free to contact with us.we will do our best to cooperate with you.
Locality : Guangzhou
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Tcm Concentrated Granules, Bio-Similar Extract, Pure Instant Tea
Services : tcm concentrated granules, bio-similar extract, pure instant tea