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Company : KAPID

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Country : South Korea

Website : www.kapidoptical.com, www.kapid.org


Description : The Korea Association for Photonics Industry Development (KAPID) was established on March 30th, 2000 with the purpose of the development of South Korea’s photonics industry and the promotion and expansion of relevant businesses. The Korean government has selected the photonics industry as one of its high-tech industries for the 21st century and has established plans for substantial investment in and for systematic promotion of the photonics industry. AS part of the government’s strong support, the KAPID was set up as a major civil organization to promote the photonics industry. We, the KAPID, will carry out diversified efforts to nurture and develop South Korea’s photonics industry and promote relevant businesses and will do the best to help South Korea achieve its vision of becoming the three biggest photonics centers of the world. |Mission |
- Strengthening the ties between photonics-related industries and relevant organizations, promoting their common interests, and proposing policy recommendations to the government
- Proving marketing support to photonics industry, discovering a new photonics convergence industry, and providing support for the commercialization of the new industry
- Carrying out joint-research projects to develop photonics technologies and to standardize the technologies
- Conducting promotional activities and international cooperation for the development of the photonics industry
- Nurturing skilled manpower for the photonics industry and carrying out projects to create jobs for the manpower
- Analysis into photonics industry statistics and providing analysis results on markets and technological trends related to photonics |History|
- March 16th, 2000 Organized the KAPID Establishment Committee
- March 30th, 2000 First General Meeting of KAPID
- April 20th, 2000 Approvals on establishment of KAPID(Ministry of Knowledge & Economy)
- May 13th, 2000 Registered Certification of Incorporation
- May 18th, 2000 Business Registration
Locality : Gwnang Ju, South Korea
Category : Business Type:Association
Services : Led Lighting, Optical Communication Components, Optical Instrument, Splitter, Connector, Jumper Cord, Cable
Services : led lighting, optical communication components, optical instrument, splitter, connector, jumper cord, cable