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Company : Brush World Co., Ltd.

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Country : South Korea

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Description : As an environment friendly product maker since about 30 years ago, our company has been producing various types of plastic products. Now we are a company named Brushworld, keeping the business property. As humans use various types of daily living products and disposable products, they discharge lots of wastes with an excuse called convenience. Such daily wastes are the main causes of environmental pollutions and also serious social problems. Being committed to taking care of the environment issue caused by daily wastes, we have been manufacturing lots of environment friendly products that help reducing environmental pollutions and successfully commercialized various types of environment friendly products. In particular, we have developed the worlds first environment friendly tooth brush that is biologically decomposed (fertilized) without polluting the soil. This product is well known for its excellent effect of suppressing various toxic chemicals and environmental hormones, named white brush is the first and only environment friendly product which received environment friendly certificates from the related authority. After many years of R&D efforts, Brushworld is capable of producing various daily products and disposable products with environment friendly materials. Now we are able to form the foundation for suppressing various environmental pollutions caused by the wastes. With our excellent technologies, we will make the most contribution to the development of environment friendly industry of Korea.
Locality : Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Toothbrush Razor
Services : toothbrush razor