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Description : S.E TECH is a company with accumulated nano-technology and starting with platinum nano-technology, it has developed world’s first Copper nano complex with no oxidation and corrosion. We have been supplying N29, high quality conductive yarn & antimicrobial stable with no change in the physical properties with ionic bonding technology of Copper and Fiber completed.
In addition, as we have developed the technology to create copper Nano Powder P29 with conductivity and antimicrobial,
we expect to expand the new applications of nano materials dramatically. [Goal] The background that antimicrobial products are popular is that, with the improved living standards, cleanliness and hygiene of the individual and society are increasingly demanding and immune-related diseases such as atopy/rhinitis/asthma increase exponentially due to growing use of industrial environment pollution and other harmful substances, so demand for antimicrobial-related products can grow together. However, antimicrobial agents are generating antibiotic resistance and inhibiting the activity of the normal bacteria to cause growing resistant bacteria, and antimicrobial agents made for cleaning and hygiene are resulting in unexpected disaster of the immune system disturbances, the generation of antibiotic resistant bacteria, cancer-causing potential. Thus, S.E TECH has developed Copper Nano Complex containing CU, the natural substances which are harmless to the human body and do not generate resistant bacteria.
We will try our best to create materials to protect human life more safely in an environment becoming increasingly hazardous.
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Services : Copper Conductive Yarn, Copper Antimicrobial Yarn, Copper Nano Powder, Nylon Yarn, Copper Powder, Copper Nano Master Batch
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