82-10-54101733 / Daniel International

Phone : 82-10-54101733

Company : Daniel International

Address : Nowongu, Seoul, South Korea, South Korea

Country : South Korea

Fax : 82-10-54101733

Mobile : 647-2622439


Description : We provide the following :

1. Flow Meter ⊙ Micro Purge Flow Meter ⊙ Metal Tube Flow Meter ⊙ Orifice Flow Meter ⊙ Flow Switch & Sight Flow Meter ⊙ Semiconductor Flow Meter ⊙ Turbine Flow Meter ⊙ Electromagnetic Flow Meter ⊙ VORTEX FLOW METER ⊙ ULTRASONIC FLOW METER ⊙ MASS FLOW METER ⊙ POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT ⊙ THEMOMETER ⊙ PRESSURE SWITCH ⊙ Rotary Piston Type Oil Flow Meter
2. Reducer bearings of all types

3. Processed foods
- Condiments
- Noodles
- Confectionaries (Biscuits, Candies, Sweets, etc)
- Olive Oil
- Etc

Category : Business Type:Agents
Services : Micro Purge Flow Meter, Metal Tube Flow Meter, Orifice Flow Meter, Flow Switch &Amp; Sight Flow Meter, Semiconductor Flow Meter, Turbine Flow Meter, Electromagnetic Flow Meter, Vortex Flow Meter, Ultrasonic Flow Meter, Mass Flow Meter, Reducer Bearings
Services : micro purge flow meter, metal tube flow meter, orifice flow meter, flow switch & sight flow meter, semiconductor flow meter, turbine flow meter, electromagnetic flow meter, vortex flow meter, ultrasonic flow meter, mass flow meter, reducer bearings