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Description : Introduction --- Tie Guan Yin is a green tea category is one of China's famous Oolong tea. Tie Guan Yin tea produced in Anxi County, Fujian Province. Tie Guan Yin tea has a long history, known as tea, Wang said. According to upload, Tie Guan Yin tea, the origin of dry years of the Qing Emperor Yongzheng Q (1725 a 1735). Mountainous Anxi county in a warm climate, abundant rainfall and lush tea growing, tea variety, Colorful, Guanjue the country. Tie Guan Yin tea, tea, 4 a year, mining, sub-spring tea, summer tea, summer tea, autumn tea. Tea quality in the spring. Autumn tea is the best. Tea-picking days of sunny weather with a north wind the weather is better, the best to collect and process the quality of tea. Therefore, the local tea-picking over on a sunny day from 10 am to 3 pm before. Tie Guan Yin Oolong tea production processes and the general method for making basically the same, but turn a few more rocking, cool blue shorter. Usually in the evenings before the sun blue, night shake blue, cool blue, the next day morning to complete fermentation, and then by rubbing baking and frying and lasted a day and night. Tie Guan Yin manufacturing processes can be divided into drying green, rolling green, cool blue, crank, cut rub, initial drying, bags rubbing, double-hung, drying processes 9. Tie Guan Yin tea quality and excellent stout cord tight knot, the quality is as heavy as iron, green sand hibiscus clear blue pedicle green, red titles, sweet floral high, sweet and mellow Xianshuang, has a unique taste, aftertaste sweet and rich, red 7 bubble is still lingering fragrance; liquor color golden yellow, bottom of leaves hypertrophy soft, Yan Liang uniform, leaf edge red dot, green hearts red trim. Previous exhibition at home and abroad have participated in an exclusive ringleader, multiple award-winning, prestigious. Anxi County, Fujian oolong main producing areas, 50, began, in order to facilitate the classification column, will be divided into Tie Guan Yin Anxi oolong tea, and oolong three kinds of color category, in addition to, and Oolong Tie Guan Yin, the other species were classified as color types. Color kinds of tea of all varieties of shape, color and taste of their own character: Anxi The Mountain: Tea of sturdy heavy; stems bright than the slender, such as "Bamboo Festival" tail slightly pointed; color Xianrun was banana skin color; tea orange; bottom of leaves yellow, and green; Ye Zhang sharp thin, long round, Ye surface there is uplift, the main veins obvious, a little thick pure taste, smell like Tie Guan Yin and less light. Anxi crab: Tea of tight knots, stem round, the first big tip of its tail, tender shoots more than 1000 white Velvet hair, brown color, yellow, and green, yet Xianrun. Qinghuang tea or golden yellow. Ye Zhang Yuan bottom of leaves is small, the central width, head tipped, serrated dark dense, sharp hook, and down, leaves a little thin, a little surface main vein. Pure taste a little thick, fragrant lofty, slightly jasmine. Anxi Chelan: Tea of the more slender, smaller stems, petiole narrow; color yellow-green or brown green, more Xianrun. Liquor color yellow or dark yellow. Ye Zhang Ye-degree circle, the first tip of its tail, showing prism, shiny leaves, the main vein surface, slightly white. Gan pure flavor, fresh aroma aloof from worldly affairs. Anxi-Mei accounting; Delavaya sturdy big, fat stems, internode length, color brown-green Shaodai dark red, red is highlighted. Liquor color of deep yellow, and bottom of leaves Ye Zhang thick, long, Zhejiang Tsim Sha Tsui, the main vein remarkable, coarse sharp serrated. Wei Hou fragrant with incense fragrance. Anxi oolong tea: Tea thin section, the first tip of its tail, light, stem head short of water, stalk skin is not bright, color brown, less Xianrun. Qinghuang liquor color, yellow or orange, bottom of leaves Ye Zhang thin, vein emerged; serrated coarse blunt. Pure taste a little thin, fragrant incense with caramel. Tie Guan Yin-quality special flavor, shape cord tight knot there, curled, heavy solid, showing lobster dragonfly head and body shape, there are "as beautiful as Goddess of Mercy emphasis on iron" argument. Zesha green color from cream, fresh taste of thick, drinking epigenetic Jin back to Gan, there are special "Melody." Aroma just like orchid fragrance, Gao. Bottom of leaves yellow, red trim, soft and bright. Liquor color orange, and bright. Tie Guan Yin plant shrub type, the middle class, late bud species. Shu Zi opened branches oblique Health, sparse uneven; leaf oval leaves are dark green, leaf thick crisp wavy leaf margin, slightly turned backward, zigzag sparse blunt, bud purple. Multi-flowering, seed setting rate. Embryonic period before and after the spring equinox, and stop growing season before and after the frost year growth period 7 months. By nature fragile, less resistance, there is "planting bad taste good" theory.
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