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Phone : 82-031975-8312

Company : DOOSAN Electronic Machinery & Equipment

Address : 418-54, Sanggisuk-gil Paju-si , Gyeonggi-do

Country : Korea

Fax : 83-031975-8316*****

Website : doosanmc.com/eng


Description : DOOSAN ELECTRONIC MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT is specialize in bag making machinery.We are leading producer and exporter of electronic machinery & equipment in Korea with over 30 years of experience in the field.As one of the largest pouch making machinery company in Korea, we are selling our machine to domestic companies as well as several multinational corporations.A distinct advantage we can provide is our proven ability to integrate our diverse technology with client's needs.DOOSAN EME is commintted to providing continual development and innovation in its field. We develop a process by which all products are designed and constructed to ensure the highest standards in engineering, qulity and customer service. We promise that we will become a best electronic machinery & equipment company amont the world through hard working and continuing investment.* Our main product is -3 Side seal bag making machine-Center/ End seal bag making machine-Standing pouch bag making machine -Standing pouch zipper bag making machine-Box pouch bag making machine-Slitter -Thomson die cutting * Our current export companies are-Egypt, Poland, Germany, Iran, France, Austalia, Vietnam, Thailand and etc..* Participating in verious exhibitions- Korea pack in Seoul Korea- DURUPA exhibition in Germany- K2004 exhibition in Germany- France & Thailand Packaging exhibition
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