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Description : My name is Robert Kim with Korea Mountain Ginseng, a company dedicated to producing woods-grown wild ginseng located in the Chungnam province, south of Seoul, Korea.Today, I would like to introduce our 10-year-old woods-grown(WG) wild ginseng in powder form for consumers in UAE. In both Korea and China, WG wild ginseng is considered the most efficacious herb in boosting immunity, energy and libido and treating erectile dysfunction among many other direct health benefits. Our WG wild ginseng in powder form is superior to the widely available 6-year-old Panax ginseng (i.e. Korea Ginseng Corp.'s Red Ginseng) in the following ways:1. WG wild ginseng exhibits drastically higher levels of ginsenosides, active compounds found in Panax ginseng that carry many health benefits, than 6-year-old Panax ginseng widely available on the market. This fact was proven through a research study done by BlueBio Industry RIC, an oriental herb research lab of the Korea Ministry of Trade, Investment and Energy. Please see the attached chart for your reference.2. Unlike any other 'woods-grown' Panax ginseng that is grown from the seed of regular Panax ginseng, WG wild ginseng is grown and harvested from the seed of wild ginseng, which yields higher medicinal efficacy and health benefits.3. While regular Panax ginseng is farmed and harvested in pesticide-contaminated fields, our WG wild ginseng is organically and safely grown in pollutant-free and chemical-free woods.4. WG wild ginseng is freeze-dried and pulverized into powder form, making it a lot easier to ingest and versatile such as mixing with beverages.Please find the attached informational sheets for reference, and we hope to hear from you further regarding distribution of our WG wild ginseng powder in your market.Thank you and best regards,Robert KimExport Manager, KMG+82 010 4043 2881
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