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Description : Hi!Companies toward the future - Green World (Worldro) Industries10 years of practical experience and accumulated technology in the background of the future-oriented focus in the development of environmentally friendly technology to keep us interested seoksan your active guidance due to a slip of more than 10 years of the Rock is builtWe used the plastic and other synthetic resin once (PP, PE, PET, LDPE, ABS) can not be reused, the waste can be recycled, but as the development, of the production equipment supply and the disposal will be recycled back to the recognition but not only have to contribute to improving the environment has.In particular, it has been classified as regular garbage disappeared discarded PET bottles, film, house, abandoned plastic, Fabric, steel and plastic and the equipment of the coke can be used as alternative energy research and development and practical use in the world to have pride in the steel country lowering the cost of more countries in the world's steel, as well as contribute to a jump in the national economy will result in huge profits to save the dying back to the environment's contribution to dahalgeot are confident. For the future that require hands on environment-friendly business and social responsibilities as chief technology more practical use to the society should give back to the guidance are a lot of promise.Tahnk you.
Services : Manufacturing & Processing Machinery, Other Manufacturing & Processing Machinery, PET Staple fiber, Recycled Pellet Chip, Polyester Yarn Waste