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Company : Logic Control, Inc.

Address : 105, 1-15 Hon-machi 6-chome Toyonaka, Osaka

Country : Japan

Fax : 81-6-68589182

Website : www.logiccon.jp


Description : A small export firm. We help you look for products and services provided by Japanese manufacturers, and make them available in your country. We handle relatively small equipment, instruments, devices, parts, components, machinery and other general merchandise as well. At your request, we quickly search out and contact the suitable providers or manufacturers for quotation. We also translate product catalogs, technical information, handling manuals, etc. into English. Use Logic Control as liaison between you and venders in Japan. The following are the products we handle as an export sales agent at this moment; 1) Welded stainless steel descaler / electropolisher, EP Meister 30 2) Chemical agents for press forming, rust prevention and removing 3) Surface Inspection Lamp 4) Cleaner for Engine room 5) Kerodex Barrier Cream for Skin roughness prevention 6) Hair color dye remover that takes the dye stains off synthetic leather chairs and wallpaper.
Category : Business Type:Trading
Services : Electrolytic Polisher, Chemical, Agents, Press, Rust, Removing, Surface, Inspection, Lamp, Cleaner, Engine Room, Hair, Color, Dye, Stain, Remover, Detergent, Oil
Services : Chemicals, Chemicals for Daily Use, Food & Beverage, Soft Drinks, Hardware, Abrasives, Personal Care, Skin Care, electropolisher, press forming chemicals, surface inspection lamp, engine room cleaner, skin cream, sake, amazake