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Description : For businesses looking for an easy and reliable platform with friendly rates and information presented in fourteen languages, ExpoAll is the best solution. Apart from being unique, it also plans to extend its services so that people will benefit more. For manufacturers, trade companies, and international service providers that need to promote their products and services, this exceptional platform is the solution. Attend to one of the exhibitions to get most from the virtual presence. Expo All has thirty eight exhibition halls created for diverse business categories. With this platform, people can introduce their company and show their products in various languages. Thus, they can get customers around the world. Business presentations are shown with advanced Video Advert in producing strong impact to specific customers. They also show and produce Video Adverts in various languages through photos that the user uploads. The advert texts are selected from their templates or custom texts chosen by the user. Additionally, users can also show their agency catalog to other businesses that may show interest in their products and services. Expo All also allows businesses in distributing their business cards to international crowd. All users can get a direct and instant access to the business through live chat. This is available in answering the concerns of all customers at a real time hour. This way, they can build a customer base with great satisfaction and confidence. This provides an easy tool for special sales and a support. All visitors can chat with the users live by just clicking the web address. Apart from that, users can also access all the details of the visitor like contact numbers and email address. There will be a relevant report that will be sent to the user through the Account Page. The weekly report will provide: Who visited When From what country Specific interests of the visitor through clicked business card, catalog, or watched company video adverts. At ExpoAll, the convenience of users is always prioritized. The global marketing needs are met in gaining more profits. This company also recognizes the need of every business in establishing awareness among global customers.
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Services : Exhibition Center, International Trade, National Trade, Search For Manufacturers And Distributors, Wholesale And Retail Sales, Search Supplier, Search Buyers
Services : exhibition center, international trade, national trade, search for manufacturers and distributors, wholesale and retail sales, search supplier, search buyers