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Address : 416, Lenina st Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Sakhalin

Country : Russia


Description : Reinforcing stirrups, clamps, reinforcing Skeletons, Manufacture and installation of a steel structuresin Russia.
LLC Contreforce;Offers: • cores from reinforcing steels on request of the customer •stirrups, clamps, an anchors and other mortgagedetails of any complexity from reinforcing steels on the sizes of the customer.
Manufacture and installation of a steelstructures.
Advantages: • economy of time (incomparison with manufacturing manually) •high quality of production •economymetal owing to absence of a waste by manufacture of reinforcing-concrete and erection of monolithic reinforcing-concrete skeletons •high speed ofmanufacturing of the order • economy in expenditures of labor •Non necessitiesfor lengthy transport for transportation of products •non corrosion at longstorage in ground storages •manufacturing exact quantity of products
Split-hair accuracy of the geometricalsizes (owing to hi-tech automation of manufacture) • reduction of expenses aterection of remote building objects of an infrastructure of Russia the Scope: •gridsdesigns and volume metal skeletons for reinforcing-concrete products both monolithic building •Steelstructures and other hardware (skeletons, grids, cages, protections, gate,hothouses, lattices, etc.)
Buildingreinforce, reinforcing manufacture, a steel structures from China to Russia.
LLC Contreforce offers: Straightening and cutting of reinforcing wires from spools - from 100usd/ton;manufacturing reinforcing products (stirrups, clamps) - from 0,5usd/piece. reinforcing sale - from 1400usd/ton
LLC Contreforce offers: conducting the executive (as-built) documentation andtechnical supervision in building in Russia. We accept demands for designing;
Delivery of a steel structures from China to Russia from 2200usd/ton,
Sandwich of the panel and professional flooring.
In-time manufacturing of a steel structures in Russia, Sakhalin region, reinforcing skeletons an
Industrial-technological support of building, theexecutive (as-built) documentation in building in Russia.
LLC Contreforce carries out technological support of building in the Russia.Within the limits of the given line of activity, by the qualified engineers of LLCContreforce it is spent:

1. Drawing up and examination ofestimates
We offer services of our experts-smetchikov for drawing up, the analysis andexamination of the budget documentation at building and repair.

2. Examination of turnkey contracts
At the conclusion of the turnkey contract with civil engineering firm, thecontract building contracts, made by lawyers of civil engineering firm isoffered to you. If you aren't the lawyer and the expert in building it isdifficult to you to estimate many positions of the contract at a conclusionstage. In result, during building or repair work it is found out that manyquestions on terms, quality, kinds of works aren't provided by the contract. Asa result to you are imposed agreements and estimates that leads to growth ofinitial cost of works in 1,5-2 times are additional. Our experts will check upyour contract and will give the expert judgment saving your money and time.

3. Working out of the executive(as-built) documentation at the projects of the Russia.
Bodies of building supervision rather carefully check registration of theexecutive documentation by preparation of object for commissioning in RussiaRTN and authority, therefore special value at building has presence correctlyand competently issued executive documentation.
d grids, a grid-rabitsa.

Industry :
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  •    ∟ Metal Building Materials
  •    ∟ Multifunctional Materials
  • Minerals & Metallurgy
  •    ∟ Alloy
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Locality : Russia
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Abrasive Grit Copper Slag, Steel Structures, Metallising (Zn, Znal, Al)
Services : Manufacturing & Processing Machinery, Mining Machinery, Abrasive, Grit, Copper, Copper Slag