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Description : Joint-stock company "microelectronic sensors and devices" (abbreviation midaus) develops and manufactures microelectronic pressure transducers and transmitters as well as related devices.
The development of microelectronic pressure transducers is based on profound original investigations of piezoresistive effect in heteroepitaxial semiconductor structures silicon-on-sapphire (sos) carried out in russia in 70-80ies. The main aspects of sos use in measurement of mechanical parameters (pressure, force, acceleration, etc) were patented in ussr, USA, france and germany. The new developments of design, electronics and technology made in jjsc midaus are directed on further enhancement of pressure measurement devices based on sos, improving accuracy and stability of pressure sensors and their mass and size reduction.
The first product of jv midaus produced in 1991 was a family of industrial gage pressure transmitters mida-gp-01 with pressure ranges from 0. 16 mpa to 160 mpa, accuracy of 0. 5 and 1. 0% fs and operating temperature range-40 80 deg c. The production was based on cooperation with other plants. Presently jsc midaus produces all the products on its own technological base. Jsc midaus produces about thirty types of industrial and special pressure transmitters and over ten types of pressure transducers for measurement of gage, absolute, differential pressure and vacuum; the overall number of different modifications exceeds twelve thousands with pressure ranges from 4 kpa to 160 mpa, accuracy from 0. 1 to 0. 5% fs and operating temperature range from-60 to 500 deg c. We also produce pressure transmitters for hazardous processes (intrinsic-safe and explosion-proof versions) .
The pressure transmitters mida are approved by russian standard authorities; they have hazardous-safe certificates and are certified for use at atomic power stations and on board of ships.
Jsc midaus also cooperates with other pressure sensors manufacturers. We have developed special pressure modules, and our partners make their own pressure transmitters and transducers using all the advantages of sos pressure modules (wide temperature operating range, high accuracy, high stability) .
Besides pressure sensors jsc midaus produces power supplies (including intrinsic safe barriers for hazardous area) , digital indicators for 4-20 ma pressure or temperature transmitters and surge voltage defense devices.
Pressure transmitters and other devices with trade mark mida (russian abbreviation for microelectronic sensors) are successfully working in many power stations (including atomic power stations) , gas production and transport, metallurgy, chemistry plants, etc. for many years. More than 250 companies in russia and abroad (including usa, china, india, corea and chechia) use mida pressure sensors, transducers and transmitters. Jsc midaus steadily increases the range and quality of produced devices, adapting them to the demands of the customers and improving the accuracy, stability and reliability of sensors. As an example we may tell that tests, carried out in USA, showed that sos pressure transducers characteristics do not change after 10 millions pressure cycles; our own stability tests showed that after 200 temperature cycles in the range-40 80 deg c during a year the accuracy change for industrial pressure transmitters was less than 0. 2% fs.
Locality : Ulyanovsk, Russia
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Pressure Transmitters, Transmitters, Pressure Transducers, Transducers, Power Supplies, Pressure Modules, Modules, Pressure Sensors, Sensors
Services : pressure transmitters, transmitters, pressure transducers, transducers, power supplies, pressure modules, modules, pressure sensors, sensors