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Country : Russia


Description : We offer your company and your esteemed suppliers raw material for copper electrolysis process - copper cementation.

The average copper content 75 +/- 2%
The average iron content 7.5 +/- 1.5%
The average humidity 20 +/- 1.5 %

Price Formula:
[Average price (5 days before payment) on LME 950 usd (discount on refining losses on 1 ton)] x (1-humidity in %)х(copper content in %) = Price of copper cementation on standard copper content and humidity

For example (passport 5) :
[ Usd 5 902 (average LME) usd 950 (discount on refining losses) ] х(1-21% humidity)х(74 % copper content) = usd 2 894-94 per 1 ton copper cementation (FOB on russian ports Black or Caspian sea)
About the company:
The main activity of our company is recycling waste dumps of Belovo zinc plant (Kemerovo region, Russia). Currently, the company operates a pilot plant for the production of copper cementation.
Production technology:
Copper cementation (precipitated copper) is a product obtained by precipitation (carburizing) by adding iron to the aqueous solution of copper sulfate waste obtained from the lixiviating of zinc production (clinker), wherein iron is dissolved, and copper is precipitated. The resulting product is cleaned from the remnants of the iron chips, dehydrated and packed in big bags.
Copper cementation is a brown powder, which is coated on the outdoor black oxide film. Copper cementation can be used for producing both copper and various alloys (brass, bronze). Well cementation of copper can be used in the chemical industry as a dietary supplement because it contains a fine unoxidized copper.

Terms of delivery:
∙ Minimum batch - 20 tons of cementation copper .
∙ Features of up to 60 tons / month.
∙ Packaging big bag 1 ton. Delivery through the ports of the Black, Baltic and Caspian Sea.

Locality : Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk region, Russia
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Copper Matte, Copper Cement, Copper Cementation, Precipitated Copper
Services : copper matte, copper cement, copper cementation, precipitated copper