7-3412-667433 / Izhevskiy Opytno Mehanicheskiy Zavod

Phone : 7-3412-667433

Company : Izhevskiy Opytno Mehanicheskiy Zavod

Address : Gagarina 51b, Izhevsk, Russia

Country : Russia

Fax : 7-3412-667311

Website : www.iomz.ru


Description : CJSC "Izhevskij opytno-mehanicheskij zavod" established in 2000, became the first enterprise manufacturing shafts for electrical submersible pumping system (esp) from works made at this plant. The enterprise specializes in manufacture of long-length bars having special surface finish with cross-section accuracy of h8-h9, shafts used in electrical submersible pumping system for oil factories. Nowadays the enterprise is widening the product range and continuously increasing the production volume. Moreover there is a number of research engineering being conducted by plants� specialists team on development and application of new materials for products manufacture. Special-purpose laboratory has been founded at CJSC "Izhevskij opytno-mehanicheskij zavod" for complex mechanical metals testing. The laboratory got the Certificate issued by Ministry of Industry and Energy of Russian Federation, which certifies the conditions of testing to be sufficient to provide qualitative and reliable testing.
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