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Company : Sonang Kasih Sopogodang Store

Address : JL. CENDANA RAYA GJ 8 SOLOBARU Surakarta, Jawa Tengah

Country : Singapore

Website : www.sopogodangstore.com


Description : Establishment of PT. Sonang Kasih Sopogodang Store begins from ideas and big dreams Ir. J. Handojo that since 2003 Indonesia expects to help people to have a healthy life habits because if the pain is so costly medical expenses. And wanted Changing habits and unhealthy lifestyle to prevent the onset of degenerative diseases caused by unhealthy living habits.And continue the vision of Dr. Juergen Wittig, a biochemistry expert from Germany, which in the end would like to devote his life that Oxygenasi and MRET technology to help people live healthier Indonesia.
Services : Health & Medical, Other Medical Equipment, Medison R3, Medical Equipment, Ultrasound System