62-614151270 / CV. Lenggana

Phone : 62-614151270

Company : CV. Lenggana

Address : Mesjid Street 152, Medan, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia

Country : Indonesia

Postcode : 20111

Mobile : 6282-167537757


Description : Estblished in 2005 for the first time in Lenggana was founded and based on elite and standing strategic business in Jalan Mesjid No. . 152 which is the specificity of activity in the field of agriculture and the provision of services of printing production . Lenggana want to have a crucial role in terms of upstream downstream process by opening a restaurant where the food and agricultural production in the results its own farms as well as in it in terms of its design and production printing . As a result Lenggana succeed make attention PT . Indosat in terms of management and also attracted the attention of other media in terms of successful young entrepreneurs independently . In 2007 Lenggana started breeding Marihat palm seedlings with the existing land use in the village Silaumalaha Simalungan District by utilizing performance off farmers . Impact for the printing , packaging polybag was designed and printed by Lenggana for each palm seeds that are bought by buyers . In year 2012, Lenggana feel unfavorable cultural ceremony of Indonesian culture . Perhaps you ask why ? This is due to the minimal cultural habit of logging on nut trees . While on one hand the annunciator areca palm is a plant species that has immense benefits. Based from this idea then Lenggana was called to further explore Lenggana betel nut for ways to package traded in the domestic market and of course also to meet the needs of betel nut in the international market . Lenggana is not a follower of habit firm, but Lenggana is the company that makes the birth of a new trend that habit . We were able to make a request , we were able to make packaging , we were able to distribute / supply and we were able to satisfy you . Because we are Lenggana .
Locality : North Sumatra
Category : Business Type:Exporters
Services : Betel Nuts, Supari
Services : betel nuts, supari

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62-614151270 / 62614151270 CV. Lenggana

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