62-214300229 / PT.Trans Pratama Sejahtera

Phone : 62-214300229

Company : PT.Trans Pratama Sejahtera

Address : Perkantoran Kebon Bawang 5,Jl. Kebon Bawang 5 No.30A-B,3rd Floor C1 Tanjung Priok, Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

Country : Indonesia

City : Jakarta

Postcode : 14320

Fax : -214301176

Mobile : 62813-15068111

Website : http://www.trans-pratama.com


Description : Trans Pratama Logistics is freight forwarding mostinnovative logistics company that reaches out to provide comprehensivelogistics solution.The young and dynamic management team at Trans PratamaLogistics contributes greatly with their new thinking by adapting new technology,applyinglatest and modern methods in the field to help the needs of customers.

Industry :
  • Business Services
  •    ∟ Logistics Services
  •      ∟ Customs Clearance Services
  •      ∟ Freight Agents

Category : Business Type:Business Services
Services : Air Freight Services, Sea Freight Services, Door To Door Delivery, Lcl Consolidation, Custom Brokerage, Project Cargo, Domestics Delivery, Inland Transportations, Rail Freight Services, Warehouse Services
Services : air freight, ocean freight, domestics, door to door, land transport, custom brokerage, consolidation lcl etc

+62 21 4300229 / 62-21-4300229 Reverse Phone Lookup - Company Lookup

Reverse Phone Number Lookup +62 21 4300229, Current it's owned by Company( PT.TRANS PRATAMA LOGISTICS, Indonesia), Click view more details.

PT.TRANS PRATAMA LOGISTICS, Indonesia | Phone +62 21 4300229

Company Lookup PT.TRANS PRATAMA LOGISTICS, Indonesia, Address: Jalan Kebon Bawang 5 No.30A Tanjung Priok Indonesia, View more details.


PT.TRANS PRATAMA LOGISTICS, Indonesia, View business profile includes such as contact, tel 62-214300229, address, product, services and sales.

62-214300229 / 62214300229 PT.Trans Pratama Sejahtera

62-214300229 - PT.Trans Pratama Sejahtera, Indonesia, The Company / Business Services Phone Number Reverse Lookup 62214300229.

PT.Trans Pratama Sejahtera, Indonesia | Phone 62-214300229 - TradeHelps.com

PT.Trans Pratama Sejahtera , Company Products(Services): air freight, ocean freight, domestics, door to door, land transport, custom brokerage, consolidation lcl etc, View more details...

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