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Phone : 61-7-32611121

Company : Dollworld

Address : 7 Lupus Street, BALD HILLS, QLD, Australia

Country : Australia

Postcode : 4036

Fax : 61-7-32611181

Website : www.dollworld.com.au


Description : We are a small but expanding internet business, based in Brisbane, Australia. We manufacture and export composition doll bodies all over the world. We are also provide hobby and professional porcelain doll makers and teddy bear makers with the necessary supplies for their craft.
Category : Business Type:Trading
Services : Porcelain Doll Making Supplies, Composition Doll Bodies, Half Dolls, Eyes, Shoes, Socks, Wigs, Mohair Wefts, Eyelashes, China Paints, Brushes, Doll Making Tools, Doll Jewellery, Buckles, Buttons, Haberdashery
Services : porcelain doll making supplies, composition doll bodies, half dolls, eyes, shoes, socks, wigs, mohair wefts, eyelashes, china paints, brushes, doll making tools, doll jewellery, buckles, buttons, haberdashery