61-402117016 / Peter Wichta

Phone : 61-402-117016

Company : Peter Wichta

Address : Trevena Close Melbourne, Victoria

Country : Australia


Description : We have been manufacturing Industrial machinery for many years with over 25 years experience. We manufacture for a broad range of food production lines mainly in the vegetable and meat industry. We also manufacture products for alternative energy such as microhydro turbines, water pumps etc. We are a company that tailor makes to the customers specifications and try to establish what the customer will need. We also manufacture different types of conveyor belts suited to the customers needs. If you have any queries please contact us. If you require Bentonite or Perlite then we can supply in large quantities all over the world
Locality : Melbourne Australia
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Industrial Machinery, Bentonite Based Cat Litter, Automatization Products, Food Machinery, Microhydro Turbines, Bentonite, Perlite, Tyres,
Services : Minerals & Metallurgy, Non-Metallic Mineral Deposit, Perlite, Bentonite, Food Processing Lines, Industrial Machinery