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Phone : 61-3-94604455

Company : AK Reels

Address : 30/7 Dunstans Court, Thomastown, Victoria, Australia, Australia

Country : Australia

Postcode : 3074

Fax : 61-3-94604499

Website : www.akreels.com.au


Description : AK reels manufacture a range of compact auto recoiling hose and Caution tape barrier reels for industrial, commercial and domestic uses. Safety, extended hose life, reliability, compact size and convenience are some of the main reasons so many of our customers prefer our product. Our range of Reels are used for:- Air (automotive), Water ( garden), water ( Hot water wash down,drinking), chemical, oil, breathing, water blaster, Caution tape safety barrier, Rv, Marine, oxy acetalyne. and customised products for industry use. All our reels are manufactured in Australia at our Thomastown plant and exported around the world. Shipments for export of containers ( 20 foot) hold approximately 820 reels. Our capacity for export is currently 3000 units per month. Smaller orders are also catered for through our portal. We seek export partnerships with companies with established distribution channels and simultaniously look to import ancillery value add products to our range for the Australian market. AK Reels are suppliers to some of the largest mining companies in the world with exceptional growth potential for the introduction of new and innovative product technologies. We offer this expertise in the continued development of our range of products.
Locality : Melbourne
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Auto Retracting Hot Water Hose Reels, Caution Tape Barrier Reels, Air Reels, Water Reels, Oxy Twin Hose Reels, Lpg Hose Reels,
Services : auto retracting hot water hose reels, caution tape barrier reels, air reels, water reels, oxy twin hose reels, lpg hose reels,