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Company : Pacific Defence

Address : Wells, Palmwoods, QLD, Australia

Country : Australia

Postcode : 4555

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Mobile : 61-0402462440

Website : http://www.pacificdefence.net


Description : Pacific defence represents the management of Hti in the Asia Pacific region. Hydration Technologies is the leading provider of next-generation forward osmosis water filtration technology based on a proprietary membrane that converts almost any polluted water into safe, potable drink. Access to portable water has become a multi-billion dollar worldwide problem that is growing with each passing day. Although the earth is covered by water, only 2.5% is fresh and the majority of these reserves remain unavailable in the polar ice caps. Each day, over one billion people lack access to safe drink. For this reason, water borne illness has become the leading cause of death worldwide. On any given day, over 50% of the world�s hospital beds are occupied by people suffering from water-borne disease.* Hydration Technologies (HTI) has developed a leading expertise in water filtration. With over fifteen years of research, the scientists at HTI have developed the world�s first commercially viable forward osmosis membrane. This membrane has been used by NASA, the US Department of Defense, branches of the US military and is now available to the public. HTI is headquartered in Albany, Oregon and can be reached at (541) 917-3335.

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Services : Hti Water Filters Are Reliable,Easy-To-Use,And Provide The Highest Purity On The Market
Services : hti water filters are reliable,easy-to-use,and provide the highest purity on the market