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Phone : 61-03-93382128

Company : MB Recycling

Address : Factory 1/7 Barrie Road Tullamarine, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Country : Australia

Postcode : 3043

Fax : 61-03-93382128

Mobile : 61-0433079247

Website : www.mbrecycling.com.au


Description : MB recycling has branches in Melbourne Victoria and is ideally placed to handle non-Ferrous/ferrous metal, E-Cycling (electronic waste recycling) and scraps requirements. Our Metal recycling material (Copper /Brass/ PVC/ Wire /Aluminium / Stainless steel/ Nickel/ Titanium/ Iron/ Steel) Our E-waste recycling products (CPU/ HDD/ UPS Units/ RAM/ FDD&CDROM/ Power Supply/ Data Cables/ PVC cables/ HG & LG Boards/ Computers/ Laptop/ Shells/ Switch boards etc) MB also provides value added services such as formatting and total information erasure for the Re-use of non-ferrous/ Ferrous metals and E-waste as well as full labour and logistical service that can be utilised for your decommissioning process. MB was founded to provide a one-stop, complete recycling solution and our personal approach and expertise has enabled us to assist all companies (large & small) We operate with a true desire and passion to make an environmental impact by reducing, reusing scrap for recycling, we value our clients and customers with their services and business as you are not just a number in our system but a valid client and customer. Please visit our website for more information at: *****
Category : Business Type:Others
Services : Recycling: Non-Ferrous/Ferrous &Amp; E-Waste
Services : recycling: non-ferrous/ferrous & e-waste