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Company : Micropac Plastic Sdn Bhd

Address : No. 5 Jalan P4/5 Semenyih, Selangor

Country : Malaysia

City : Kuala Lumpur

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Description :  MICROPAC PLASTIC SDN BHD is an integrated packaging company that supplies various type, dimension & forms of plastic packaging material included laminated packaging material. We also provide value added services such as technical support & machinery services for mutual benefit in long term supplier partnership.
We specialize in producing plastic packaging material such as
a) Polyolefin (POF) Shrink Film in Bag Form and Roll Form.
b) PVC Shrink Film in Bag Form and Roll Form.
c) PE Film in Bottom Seal and Side Seal.
d) HDPE Film in Side Seal and Singlet Bag.
e) PP Film in Bottom Seal and Side Seal.
f) OPP Self Adhesive Clear Plastic Bag
f) Flexible Packaging Material or Multilayer Material or Laminated Material in Roll Form, Gusset Bag, 3 Side Seal Bag, Centre Seal Bag and Stand Pouch.

Product Type
Different types of product to meet your requirement.
•Polyolefin Shrink Film - POF Shrink Film
•Polyvinyl Chloride Shrink Film - PVC Shrink Film.
•Polyethylene Shrink Film - PE Shrink Film.
•Polyethylene Film - PE Film.
•High Density Polyethylene Film - HDPE Film.
•Bi - Axially Oriented Polypropylene Film - BOPP film (without or c/w self adhesive tape).
•Flexible Packaging Material or Multilayer Packaging Material or Laminated Packaging Material.
    - Two (2) Layers Laminated Packaging Material Combination
      • OPP/PP
      • OPP/PE
      • OPP/CPP
      • OPP/MCPP
      • OPP/LLDPE
      • PET/CPP
      • PET/LLDPE
      • PET/MCPP
      • NYLON/CPP
     - Three (3) Layers Laminated Packaging Material Combination.

Remarks: Printing or without printing is available for above materials.
Product Form
User friendly packaging design.
•Roll form
•Bag form : -
   •Side seal (without self-adhesive tape)
   •Side seal (c/w self-adhesive tape)
   •Pillow case
   •Bottom Seal
   •Singlet Bag or T Shirt Bag
   •3 Side Seal
   •Centre Seal
   •Centre Seal with Gusset
   •Stand Pouch
•Sheet form


Industry :
  • Packaging & Paper
  •    ∟ Adhesive Paper
  •    ∟ Plastic Film
  •    ∟ Plastic Packaging

Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Packaging Material - Polyolefin (Pof) Shrink Film , Pvc Shrink Film, Pe, Pp, Hdpe, Opp Self Adhesive Plastic Bag
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