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Phone : 60-3-0129710700

Company : Seh Meditech (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

Address : 24 Jln SG 5/3, Taman Sri Gombak, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor, MALAYSIA

Country : Malaysia

City : Kuala Lumpur

Postcode : 68100

Fax : 006-03-6187 3763


Description : Extensive experience in software developments of General labs which include Biochemistry as one of the components that make up the General Lab. Experience include with Cerner Applications and Medicom App. Have 20 years working experience in Laboratory in Malaysia. Have handled analysers like Cobas, Hitachi 704, 912 and 747. Also have handled Ciba Corning Express 550. Shimadzu 570 Aliance, Blood gases like AVL Omni, Abbott Axsym .Activity in Coagulation Labs: Setting up LIS in THIS hospital inclusive interfacing with equipments such as Sysmex CA 500 and Sysmex 540. Activity in Immuno-diagnostics : Working-up with Lab Information system (LIS) database & interfacings using Cerner Milleniums Editions. Equipments involved include Abbott Axsym. Have worked with this section which also performs tests such as TDM, DOA, Tumour Markers etc. Products in distribution portfolio (Instruments & Reagents)
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Industry :
  • Agriculture
  •    ∟ Agricultural Greenhouses
  •    ∟ Grain
  •      ∟ Barley
  •      ∟ Corn
  • Health & Medical
  •    ∟ Ambulatory Product
  •    ∟ Examination & Testing Instrument
  •      ∟ Blood Collection Tube
  •      ∟ Medical Test Kit

Industry : ;microbiology;Plastic Container;shimadzu