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Description : Sunflowers are large flowers containing vast quantities of seeds, mounted on wide upward growing stalks that are a wonder of plant architecture. The Sunflower is a name that actually comprises three very similar annual plants that grow in various situtations in Caelereth. To different races they are a sign of positivity: happiness, cheer, even luck, health and hope represent the sun to certain elven tribes, and may also be given in bouquets as a symbol of long life, health and happiness. All types are easy to cultivate as the seeds are not very difficult to collect, and as long as they are grown in a sunny spot, they grow magnificently.
Services : tbim sun oil ltd, we produce, supplies and distribute high quality cooking oil, such as: sunflower oil, palm oil, canola oil, coconut oil, palm kennel oil, fish oil, used cooking oil, groundnut oil, soybean oil