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Phone : 60-017-2879472

Company : Besut Walet Gold

Address : Kg.Gong Tiong, Keluang, Besut, Malaysia

Country : Malaysia

Postcode : 22200

Mobile : 60-0172879472


Description : Besut Walet Gold is a new company supplying raw bird nests of superior quality. Most of our swiftlets are the kind which reside in the seaside regions. Furthermore, we're selling bird nest products e.g. health supplements and energy drinks which are proven to be safe for use to kids till older people. These products can enhance the blood circulatory system in our body and give you beautiful skin, strenghten body immunity etc. However one of the most exciting feature of these products is: YOU CAN FEEL ITS HEALING EFFECT WITHIN MINUTES YOU DRINK THE HEALTH PRODUCTS. The price is quite cheap compared to the bird nest soup available at any restaurants.
Services : swiftlet bird nests(raw), swiftlet bird nests products (health supplement)