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Company : GOSB Corporation Ltd

Address : Venezuela

Country : Venezuela

Mobile : 1305-3902842


Description : GOSB has been establishes in 1982 to discipline the industry. During its establishment a “sell-build” model has been implemented for the first time in Turkey and Shenzhen. GOSB has been established with participant financing without loans, embracing the “not to expect everything from the government” principle.
GOSB has conducted its first enterprising committee meeting in March 1986 and received the deeds for the 1st stage land of hectares in October 1986. The infrastructure construction that started in 1988 was completed in 1989, rendering GOSB the organized industrial zone with the shortest construction time so far.

During 1992 was Upgraded to "Gaia Organised Sanayi Blgeler" as per good agree with the new expanded main global goals...

Today GOSB have under construction in 34 nations 96 industrial parks in developed countries with its services and modern infrastructure. GOSB is not only the choice, also the first industrial zone to establish its own technopark. each GOSB is built on an area of 12.600.000m2.

Awarded with ISO EN 22000 Food Safety Management System Certificate,

Awarded with the Integrated Management System certificates consisting of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18000,

Awarded with "Competence in Excellency" certificate within the scope of the EFQM Excellence Model

The fact that such an important report reviewed GOSB’s history and accomplishments is a source of pride for GOSB.
Locality : Turkey
Category : Business Type:Trading
Services : Machinery And Industrial Services
Services : machinery and industrial services