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Company : Fujian Luda Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd.

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Description : Fujian Luda Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd., China, specializing in traffic facilities was established in 1998 with a total assets of $3.86million and factory size of 6000 square meters.After years� research we�ve created Road Cone, Rebounded Post , and Corner Protector made in new synthetic materials and got the patent for them. Attached are the catalog of them.we are looking for agents for our patented products in all over the world. The features of our new synthetic materials products are as bellow: 1.Low cost; 2.Super flexible, pressureproof, impact resistant(stand up by themselves after crash), and whether resistant ( temperature available -60°C~80°C, which solves the problems of paint chapping, rubber hardening and embrittlementcrack making by traditional rubber products); ***** friendly, degradable, recycled, ***** permanent shining and as requested, Strength adjustable; ***** film is in harmony with raw materials, and keep shining forever. Our products are very welcome in the international exihibition when they are first produced and now they are much better shaped and designed than the very beginning. Expectedly, our products must be causing an innovation in traffic facilities industry in the world. We have been working for other products made in new synthetic materials and will come into the market soon. They are bull barrel, water filled barrel, anti-dazzle board, attached delineator, post delineator etc. If you are interested in them, pls feel free to contact ***** information is in request, including products performance flash.
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Traffic Facilities:Road Barrier, Parking Facilities, New Synthetic Materials Traffic Cone, Corner Protector, Post Delineator, Bull Barrel Etc
Services : traffic facilities:road barrier, parking facilities, new synthetic materials traffic cone, corner protector, post delineator, bull barrel etc