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Phone : 55-5130724931

Company : Nativa Gems Imp. Exp. De Pedras LTDA

Address : Avenida Itaqui 72/304, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Country : Brazil

Postcode : 90460-140

Fax : 55-5130724931

Mobile : 5551-98209958

Website : www.nativagems.com


Description : Nativa Gems is a company that exports gemstones and stone products from our own mining camps and factory in southern Brazil. We are located in a city called Porto Alegre, close to the most important sources of agate, amethyst, citrine and crystals in the world. Since 2007 we are developing many ways to work with stones and day after day we are becoming a reference on exporting our stone produtcs to all over the world. We work with almost all kind of brazilian stones and our currently numbers put us in the position of the leading producers and exporters of stone rings, earrings, pendants and agate slices in Brazil. Best deal, most beautiful gemstones and stone products directly from Brazil. Our team is commited to help our customers in anything that is needed. Contact us and let us show you the best combination of nature treasures and beauty + men's work. Credibility is our precious. WELCOME TO NATIVA GEMS WORLD!
Category : Business Type:Others
Services : Amethyst, Citrine, Geodes, Druses, Clusters, Semi Precious Stones, Gemstones, Gems, Crystal, Prasiolite, Emerald, Crystal Skull, Agate, Agate Slices, Agale Slabs, Agate Slice, Agate Slab, Agate Wind Chime, Agate Butterflies, Crystal Ball, Crystal Point
Services : amethyst, citrine, geodes, druses, clusters, semi precious stones, gemstones, gems, crystal, prasiolite, emerald, crystal skull, agate, agate slices, agale slabs, agate slice, agate slab, agate wind chime, agate butterflies, crystal ball, crystal point