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Phone : 55-11-49915915

Company : Ambcon Tecnologia Ambiental Ltda

Address : street jussiape 13, santo andre, sao paulo, Brazil

Country : Brazil

Postcode : 09010-160

Fax : 55-11-49915915

Mobile : 55-95567986


Description : Dears Ms. And Mrs The Ambcon Tecnologia Ambiental is company of Brazil in the recycling sector. Recently we develop technology to recover PVB scrap (Polyvinyl Butyl) from windshield of automobile. They an clean and free of contamination of dust , glasses or ***** natural color or coloured. Our capacity of operation of recycling is of 50 ton for month. They are stored in big bags or of the preference of the customer. We have also glass powder of the process. We will be able to send samples or photos to it for better evaluation In case that it has interest, please contacting in them. Best Regards Jose Carlos Villalobos *****
Category : Business Type:Others
Services : Pvb Scrap And Glass Powder
Services : pvb scrap and glass powder

Ambcon Tecnologia Ambiental Ltda , Tel 55-11-49915915

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55-11-49915915 / 551149915915 Ambcon Tecnologia Ambiental Ltda

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