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Description : Over many years, in Peru and in the world the use of plastic has grown dramatically in recent years, but that it has also increased the volume of plastic waste that end up in landfills, this growth in volume waste generation in the country has reached alarming levels, which makes their management through strategies such as recycling, a priority activity, among others due to the availability of landfills is becoming smaller, the problem generated handling certain plastics that are not biodegradable, this coupled with economic considerations makes plastic recycling is an alternative that is becoming harder. In our country the growth in the use of these materials has not been in line with the technology developed for the use and development of these, so it has become necessary to create different options for the recycling process in order to reduce levels impact on the environment and offer new alternatives for business. It is by this that CERVPLAST-SUR EIRL is the new alternative to meet the expectations required by the market, not only in its ecological character, but also its financial, with a view to expanding its products and services, pro of business and the environment.
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Services : Hdpe,Ldpe,Lldpe
Services : hdpe,ldpe,lldpe