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Company : ASLLI SAC

Address : Calle Alcanfores 267, MIraflores, LIMA PERU, Peru

Country : Peru

Postcode : LIMA 18

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Description : Our company has a long experience in the subject of natural dyes; initially we were offering the plants processed for its use in the natural fiber dyeing. The same ones that were selected taking in consideration; that must be those, with a sustainable operation; in order to avoid the use of species that were collected in wild form, thus avoiding its depredation. After rescuing old recipes for dyeing natural fibers, used by the old Peruvians, like those of the culture Paracas and craftsmen; it is when we began to offer products dyed with natural dyes. In this moment, we are agents of ASHKA LLIMPI SAC, a company with a staff of technicians specialized in the dyeing with plants, that allow us to offer products of high quality and long duration, with solidity of the color to the washing, light, etc.; that will assure a long life of our products; as long as, these are treated with the care that must receive natural fibers, that is to say, washed with neutral soaps and with an adequate dried. Now we are working with yarns developed with organic cotton, with the certification of Skal, such that can be spun in manual or industrial form. The regularly used cotton is of the Tanguis variety; depending on the count (Ne) these can be combed. All the members of the productive chain; practice the fair commerce, like a way to foment the growth of our activity; since we all depend that any participant not loses interest in continue developing his activity, due to an unjust compensation by his work or its products. For the yarns done in manual form, the craftsmen receive a correct compensation by their work, that guarantees to us, an excellent quality in the final product.
Locality : Lima Peru
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Organic Tanguis Cotton Yarns, Fabric And Garment, Naturally Dyed. Askha Llimpi Sac
Services : organic tanguis cotton yarns, fabric and garment, naturally dyed. askha llimpi sac