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Phone : +48 935 8103725

Company : Allied Geriatric Services

Address : Cell Aph:/48.935.8103725 S Adams Rd, 243
Birmingham, Michigan 48009

Website : www.ageriatrics.com


Description : Allied Geriatric Services is a dedicated organization devoted to providing high quality, compassionate care to the elderly and homebound people in the Metro Detroit and Tri-County area. Allied Geriatric Services is a complete mobile medical practice that utilizes Michigan licensed physicians. This organization is lead by Dr. Nallani Surya. She has completed her residency in Internal Medicine from Temple University, Philadelphia. She is Board certified in Internal Medicine with one year of Nephrology fellowship. She is a member of American Medical Association and Michigan State Medical Society. She has 10 years of experience in treating elderly and homebound geriatric population. ( www.ageriatrics.com )
Category : Hospitals & Clinics

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+48 935 8103725 Reverse Phone Lookup,489358103725 This phone number is a business number belonging to Allied Geriatric Services, the company located at Cell Aph:/48.935.8103725 S Adams Rd, #243
Birmingham, Michigan 48009
USA, United states.

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