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Description : We have for sale AC AND FRIDGE SCRAP COMPRESSORS FOR SALE find below scrap compressor brands and contact details and for purchase inquiries..

COMPRESSOR BRANDS AND DESCRIPTION: our compressors are sold mixed and can also be sold according to buyers demands,specifications and order, compressor brands are   DANFOSS ,10B-----1/3,8.5B--1/4 , 7.5B--1/5,  --1/6, NATIONAL:FN110--1/3, FN91--  1/4, FN77--1/5,  FN73--1/5,FN66--1/5&1/6, SL111--1/6  and other brands such as ASPERA and IRELAND compressors and they come in 4kg 6kg , 10kg , 11kg and 12kg and contain aluminum fittings piping's intact and copper windings and full intact connection box all oil drained free from Freon .

Mr Sherik Abdul
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5 Jupiter House, Calleva Park,Aldermaston, Reading,
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