44-2076-373213 / Big Windmill (BW) Ltd

Phone : 44-2076-373213

Company : Big Windmill (BW) Ltd

Address : 9. Great Russell Street, London, UK

Postcode : WC1B 3NH

Fax : 44-2078-068117

Website : www.bigwindmill.co.uk


Description : Big Windmill (BW) Ltd is a London based foreign trade enterprise, delivering the highest quality products at the most reasonable prices. The aim of our company is to help world manufactures to gain sustainable competitive advantage in the local industry, whist assisting Chinese companies open up new markets. It is authorised by the leading manufacturing companies, Big Windmill (BW) Ltd, to distribute products across the world. The list of our products includes the following items: Taurine (Food, Feed & Pharmaceutical Additive) Desiccant KSAP (Konjac Super Absorbent Polymer) Multifunctional Absorbent Polymer Organic Fruit Filling Asparagus
Category : Business Type:Trading
Services : Taurine; Desiccant; Superabsorbent Polymer
Services : taurine; desiccant; superabsorbent polymer