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Description : What we do The commodities market is a lucrative Industry yet it is also one of the most unregulated and lacks corporate governance. This has unfortunately given rise to a marketplace of opportunistic �Commodity Brokers and Middle men� with no structure or regulation to validate genuine commodity sellers and buyers. Not only is this highly risky for them but also all involved within the industry. Our vision, to change the dynamics of this industry by altering the mindset and way in which we do business� How Using our company as a benchmark establishing standards and regulation to build trust and confidence. Formed by the founders of VKCB, these principles seem a better way to operate; we are committed to changing the way in which commodity trading is done. Pioneering VK Commodity brokers are a pioneering company setup up by four highly experienced individuals with expertise in Physical and Derivative Commodity Trading, Financial Risk Management, International law and Logistics dedicating there efforts in providing a superior service to our global clients. Better Business VKCB aim to provide a better way to do business, delivering all commodity producers, buyers and sellers an efficient, clear method of transacting under our safe name. Ensuring all who work with our company is genuine, dependable and professional. We have an array of exclusive Suppliers and Buyers, giving us the power to negotiate great terms and ensuring all parties are satisfied with the end deal. Clear communication VKCB and its partners realise the market has become convoluted with numerous middlemen who only have a short term view of doing business, our organisation from the offset will ensure your needs are catered for, removing the extensive chain of middlemen and tailoring around your requirements through VKCB. Providing a bridge between commodity producer, suppliers and buyers whilst facilitating negotiations by being the only channel through which information is passed giving clear communication and providing a safe and secure way to complete each deal. Worldwide reach VKCB�s global reach includes our headquarters in London and offices in St Petersburg, Moscow, Dubai and Hong Kong. Our worldwide reach provides the most advantageous structure to source commodities from around the globe, creating strategic alliances and negotiate optimum terms on behalf of our clients. We are able to negotiate at local level whilst providing solutions globally. Our VKCB legal team has extensive knowledge in international trade law will tailor contracts and agreements around all parties ensuring we can complete in the safest possible way without the worry of any mishaps. Our main aim is to add value at every stage of every transaction. We offer expert negotiation and a variety of specialist services that are unparalleled anywhere in the commodities market. Our transparent business model and unique service will add value and give complete peace of mind while we work hard for you so you can concentrate on your core business activities. VK Commodity brokers� Making business simple
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Services : All Commodities Include, Metals, Precious Stones, Energy, Agricultural, Timber And Other Raw Material. *****
Services : all commodities include, metals, precious stones, energy, agricultural, timber and other raw material. *****