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Company : Abeti Medical Solutions

Address : UK

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Description : Abeti Medical Solutions is a newly formed medical company who wanted to see a new breed of medical supplier that was young enough and dynamic enough to offer and support change where needed in the NHS. We developed the Abeti Way which is a statement to reflect Abeti Medical solutions it is what we do and who we are.�Saving Lives, Saving Money, Saving Jobs� The Key principle of the Abeti way is everything we do is aimed at saving lives, money and Jobs within the NHS. Without the Abeti Way we would not have or operate a business, our vision to save lives, money and Jobs is the focal point of all business operations. We remain passionate and committed to delivering on our promises and spreading our vision.We want to change the way medical companies operate for the better and be a leader in positive change. We want to drive down cost to the NHS to cope with the current economic climate and ultimately save frontline workers. �Saving Money, Saving Jobs� To do this we source and manufacture high quality products and offer them at a lower cost than our larger competitors while ensuring they have the same critical characteristics to ensure key patient outcomes. �Saving Lives� We work towards clinical Sponsored change as a team working alongside the healthcare professional, procurement and patients. Where a solution is not already available we will bring in new design and innovation concepts to help facilitate the changes needed.
Category : Business Type:Distributors/Wholesalers
Services : Surgical, Medical Devices, Laparoscopic
Services : surgical, medical devices, laparoscopic

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