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Company : T.S.O International Trading Group

Address : bramhall lane,stockport manchester, 

Country : United Kingdom

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Description : hi,and thanks for looking,T.S.O is a International Trading GROUP. this is the current list of products that we are ready to supply:1.Gas Propane & Botan2.Methanol-MTP3.Heavy Naphthalene4.Ammonia5.Pantane6.Paraxylene7.Sulphur8.Benzene and Carbon Cut C6-C99.Liquid Epoxy10.Poliatilen-Polipropilen-Polystar-Polystyrene-Polycarbonate-ABS11.Geraniol PVC and Compound12.Calcium-Zinc-Sodium-Magnesium-Lithium13.SN500 and other Oils14.Asphalt and Tar 60-7015.Iron Ore 62%16.Cement17.Solid & Liquid Vaseline18.ParaffinPlease do not hesitate to contact me if you have any query for above products and i will be more than happy to provide you further information and price.send your query and leave your contact details.Many ThanksKavenT.S.O Marketing Team
Services : Minerals & Metallurgy, Ore, Benzene, Carbon Cut C6-C9, Gas Propane & Botan, SN500, other Oils, Asphalt Tar 60-70