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Phone : 44-141-9450228

Company : BioChannel Partners

Address : 81 Clouston Street, Glasgow, UK

Postcode : G20 8QW

Fax : 44-141-6263403

Mobile : 44-7890087279

Website : www.biochannelpartners.com


Description : BioChannel Partners Ltd specialises in the search and evaluation of distributors in the life sciences and analytical laboratory field. Our researchers all have a scientific background and can help you to profile distributors who are already visiting your target customers. The company was established in 2003 to assist distributor managers with the time-consuming task of identifying relevant, credible distributors in home and export markets. A customised relational database of over 13, 500 companies in this specific niche industry has been developed to enable international business development managers to find the right strategic partners quickly. A range of services, from access to our directory of potential partners to in-depth qualification of the best possible distributors in your chosen regions, is available. Manufacturers who have a significant gap between actual sales and potential sales in any geographical region will find this service invaluable.
Category : Business Type:Others
Services : Liquid Nitrogen Vessels
Services : liquid nitrogen vessels

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