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Description : The Consulate of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Birmingham/United Kingdom ORGANISATION PROFILE Introduction The DR Congo Consulate is a Congolese government instrument committed to promoting and facilitating bilateral trade between the United Kingdom and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Indeed, the two countries can realise substantial business exchanges. However, there are very few initiatives designed to strengthen economic links between Congo and the UK, which is one of the richest and most industrialised countries in the world. Despite being under - developed, the DRC has enormous natural resources and economic potential. With its 60 million inhabitants, this central African giant (2.345.000 km2), is a huge market fort British goods and services. After years of war and dictatorship, the country has finally regained political stability. Every sector of the economy requires foreign direct investments and offers unlimited opportunities. With the aim of rebuilding the national economy, Congolese authorities have recently introduced a new business friendly and liberal Investment Code. UK investors have an additional incentive to venture in the DRC. The DR Congo Consulate is established in order to facilitate technology, know �how and capital transfers from the UK to Congo on one hand, and the access of Congolese goods to the UK market on the other hand. 1. Objectives To identify investment opportunities; Introductions to key stakeholders from the public and private sectors; To lobby; To identify and screen potential business partners; To organise trade exhibitions and conferences; To organise trade missions; To prepare bankable investment projects; To provide marketing services; To provide translation services; To identify suppliers; To publish economic and commercial information; To assist with permits� applications such as Work Permits, Residence Permits, Business P
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