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Company : Bcr Global Textiles

Address : UK

Website : http://www.bcrglobal.com/#


Description : BCR Global Textiles is a family run organisation specialising in the re-use and recycling of textile. Textile Recycling is the process in which unwanted clothes, shoes and textiles are collected and sorted for re-use. People are encouraged to put wearable clothes, shoes and other textiles into plastic bags and take them to one of our textile banks.

Re-usable textiles and shoes are then sorted and sent abroad where they can provide clothing for those who either do not have access to, or are unable to afford new garments.

The Benefits Of Textile Recycling with BCR:

Sustaining jobs in the UK for the collection and sorting of textiles and shoes.
Creating jobs for businesses who sell the recycled garments abroad.
Providing inexpensive clothes for third world countries throughout the globe.
Better clothing creates a feeling of pride and well-being in the community.
The amount of clothing exported to these countries helps improve the UK's balance of trade.
Using textile banks allows the public to recycle items that would otherwise go into landfill.
BCR are constantly exploring new ways of re-using and recycling more of the textiles and shoes collected from textiles banks.
In the UK alone, over 1 million tonnes of textiles go to landfill every year! Items are then sorted into different types of clothing, shoes and textiles. BCR uses predetermined categories to ensure that the best use is made of re-used and recycled garments, so that they can be delivered to the most appropriate locations worldwide.
Services : quality used clothing, childrens, clothing