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Description : CASALI S.p.A. COMPANY PROFILE The assets of Casali are represented by people, resources, experience and the quality of development. For more than seventy years Casali has worked to increase its assets and contribution to the building trade with a company policy focused not only on market and customer requirements but also on the people who work for us every day, giving the best of themselves. Since 1936 we have worked to find cutting-edge solutions for the building engineering industry and develop products and systems to resolve the most critical building trade problems such as waterproofing. Casali is present in more than seventy countries all over the world. The production facility, which covers an area of 23.000 sq.m. (9.500 sq.m. under roofing), is located in Italy in an area strategically positioned between Ancona airport, Falconara Marittima railway station and the port of Ancona. In addition to obtaining product certifications in different countries, since 1996 the Casali Quality System has been certified by UNI EN ISO 9001 thanks to standards which have grown over the years through investments in Research & Development and the use of advanced production and processing equipment. Cutting-edge technology, top quality products and services, our passion for what we do and customer care are the characteristics which represent the way our company works to meet traditional requirements as well as all the most demanding requirements of the building trade in countries all over the world. Casali also has a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programme to remind us that we are an integral part of a system which is not only economical but above all a social one. WATERPROOFING MEMBRANES POLYMER-BITUMEN WATERPROOFING MEMBRANES This line, which represents the historical products of the company, today includes torch on polymer- bitumen membranes in APP and SBS of an extremely high quality which ensure lasting performance over the years. The utmost expression of this range, which includes several types of products certified by leading organisations, is the EQ (Enduring Quality) line; thanks to the use of top quality mixtures this line ensures exceptional performance and excellent long-term resistance to external agents. The products in this line come with a 30 year warranty above all for the more complex projects and the top-of-the-range product of the line is the DERMABIT® brand. In addition to the torch on membrane lines, a loose-laid self-adhesive membrane line (Aderix) is now also available which permits waterproofing specific areas and structures and more generally decks where torching on is not possible. MEMBRANES FOR SPECIAL USES The products for special uses are developed to resolve common problems which occur in the building trade and are designed to facilitate the work of installers. From solutions to technical and aesthetical problems (as in the case of the Mantolamina membrane), to waterproofing of vertical walls, bridges, viaducts and decks in trafficable cement in general, from the root stop vapour barrier to under-tile waterproofing Casali�s technical and sales personnel will find the best solution to your problem. Page 2 of 3 WATERPROOF THERMAL INSULATION The new Casali product lines include thermal insulation coupled to polymer-bitumen membranes (Thermabit). This line includes: thermal insulation in rolls or smooth and shaped panels all of which are efficient and extremely versatile and reduce the dispersion of heat from the floor with the additional advantage of waterproofing guaranteed by Casali�s experience. LIQUID SYNTHETIC PRODUCTS THE BUILDING TRADE LINE Since 1980 this line has supplied complementary materials to those of the Membrane Division such as: bitumen primers, liquid membranes of different kinds (bituminous, acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane) to waterproof surfaces with a complex geometry, terraces, balconies, damaged areas, protective paints and resins for chemical fixing, special wall paints, bitumen compounds for road repairs, concrete latex, release agents, etc. The waterproofing systems of the Casali Building Trade line which is used more and more frequently at a professional level include Dermacem, a two-component cement and synthetic polymer based liquid system and the polyurethane resin based Polyroof. THE INDUSTRIAL FLOORING LINE The industrial line includes products made of high quality materials for the conservative treatment of cement surfaces, factories, workshops, company cafeterias, stores etc. including the realisation of seamless heavy industrial floors and special paints for protecting the laying surfaces. THE ASBESTOS ENCAPSULATION SYSTEMS LINE This line was developed for the reclamation of compact and friable asbestos cement structures; the line includes cutting-edge products certified and tested by specialised external laboratories which are greatly appreciated by companies who operate in the asbestos cement abatement industry. SPORTS SURFACES This is the most dynamic line of the company (Sports Surfaces) and offers systems for the realisation of professional high quality sports flooring characterised by the same reliability of the other Casali products. This line includes floorings for all types of sports from hard tennis courts (Supersoft systems), gyms and multipurpose structures to cycling tracks, skating rinks and bowling lanes as well as glues for synthetic grass courts and paints. Elasticity, comfort and high performance are just some of the characteristics which make these floorings the ideal courts even for professional tournaments. The ductile and extremely resistant Casali surfaces are certified by leading accredited institutes both in Italy and abroad. In particular, the Sports Surfaces tennis courts range meets the prestigious class of certifications recognised by the ITF (International Tennis Federation). Page 3 of 3 ACOUSTIC INSULATION To meet the more complex requirements of sound insulation in the building trade, Casali has developed a special line of products - Silent-eTM - to reduce noise in homes: the membranes ensures sound insulation of storey floors and foot trafficable coverings, whereas sound insulation panels reduce aircraft noise and boast good thermal insulation. These products are very commonly used in different building trade industries: in the home building industry, for the sound insulation of floating floors in new buildings or for restructuring existing floors, in the industrial building trade as insulation for machine rooms or partitions between departments, and for soundproofing specific facilities such as cinemas, recording studios etc.. SYNTHETIC GEOMEMBRANES Flexine line is developed to combine the most complex requirements of waterproofing with those of the new technological frontier of the eco-sustainable building industry. The polyolefin membranes (FPO), known as synthetic geomembranes, resolve the waterproofing needs of civil, industrial and large structures; the membranes, which are non toxic and free from substances harmful to man and the environment, are especially developed to ensure fast, safe and lasting waterproofing of different building structures. The range of geomembranes developed for the civil building industry is used to waterproof foot trafficable and traffic coverings and floating floors and as a solution for green roof and urban applications with finish and ballasting; the line developed for large structures is used for artificial basins, cement water tanks and underground structures in general.
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Services : Bituminous Waterproofing Membranes, Sports Surfaces, Glue For Synthetic Grass/Pvc And Rubber Floorings, Organic Synthetic Membranes (Tpo/Fpo), Acoustic Insulating Membrane For Floorings
Services : bituminous waterproofing membranes, sports surfaces, glue for synthetic grass/pvc and rubber floorings, organic synthetic membranes (tpo/fpo), acoustic insulating membrane for floorings

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