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Description : It is intended for all those who wish to certify the possession of digital skills base, in line with the directions of the Recommendation of the European Parliament and the European Council on key competences for lifelong learning (point 4) of December 18 2006 . This syllabus has been developed with particular attention to the definition of so-called performance evaluated in order to provide the Candidate Entities and the provision of training a valuable tool and concrete in order to overcome the expected test exam. The certification paths EIPASS aim to meet the diverse and growing needs of those who wish to certify their digital skills. Certipass, single paying agency, has determined, therefore, open paths to the various user groups. EIPASS 7 modules, certification in line with the institutional guidelines, which certificate recognized at various levels of professional training; involves passing seven exams corresponding to seguneti areas of theoretical study and practical: EIPASS One, certification that meets the specific needs of vocational training. It is suitable for companies and institutions that need training and / or retraining of the workforce on issues dedicated. EIPASS Basic certification attesting to the possession of basic skills on the use of personal computers, in order to the operating system and its applications and is suitable for those who wish to certify 4 modules chosen by the program EIPASS 7 Modules. EIPASS Progressive, certification exam consists of seven modules aimed attestation of ICT skills at an advanced level and enter into the new evolutionary scenarios related to the world of the web and the sharing of resources in general. EIPASS Teacher certification path based on specific references to institutional and community certifying teachers in the schools of every grade and trainers involved in the ICT sector, the possession of digital skills base within the framework of the "Key Competences for lifelong learning "enshrined in the" Recommendation of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2006. " EIPASS Junior, is, to date, the most effective response to the needs of founding a school to confer citizenship legitimizes the current technological context, setting the stage for proper formation of the "digital citizen", without losing sight of either the type of learning formal, or the experiences of the Child consolidated from daily practice to the computer [1] .
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