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Description : Tramonti is the brand that has succeeded Europa Design & Furniture since 2013. Europa Design & Furniture was a very young company, founded in 1984, even though its basis were conceived in 1980 by its founder.
The main idea is to produce a collection of models called “Modern Lamps Classics” to include the pieces that have made the history of design and which are not so easy to find in museum collections and specialized publications.
It is important to mention that the classical lamp models were not widely known in the 70s and 80s, moreover it was even more difficult to find articles on lighting magazines at the time.
This is why Europa Design & Furniture has developed such a collection during the years, that appears to be one of the most important within the classical lamps productions, surely one of best-provided collections produced by just one company. Without love, culture and a accurate knowledge it would not have been possible for us to dedicate 25 years only to the production of lamps and other objects coming from the wonderful minds of design artists of the early 1900, this is why we feel we owe to offer some useful information.
Category : Business Type:Others
Services : Furniture Lighting,Light,Lamps,Decorative Lights
Services : furniture lighting,light,lamps,decorative lights