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Company : Aquarai

Address : Promishlennaya, 4, Kiev, Kiev region, Ukraine

Country : Ukraine

Mobile : 38093-0000341

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Description : ABOUT fish farm private company "Fortuna-XXI" was founded over 20 years ago, and located along the waterfront district. Dnipro. The main activity of the economy is the reproduction of sturgeon. Therefore, the main objectives of fisheries development are: 1 - Increase repair - broodstock different sturgeon species and breeds; 2 - obtaining from them a viable healthy offspring, 3 - growing sturgeon stocking material, 4 - to increase the volume of production of commodity sturgeon, 5 - implementation of fishery products produced in Ukraine and abroad. To achieve these goals, the company created by a team of highly qualified fish farmers, many years grow organic fish using best practices of world aquaculture science and practice. For fish on the farm is located five eight thousand m2 earthen basins with intensive water exchange, as well as cage pontoon line capacity of 100 cages. Reproduction of fish year-round wooden panel using closed systems of cultivation. Juveniles were grown in trays on four composite gutter lines. Also on sale are fresh frozen fish, smoked, live commercial fish, trout caviar, black caviar sturgeon, salmon caviar, salmon caviar and crayfish,
Locality : Ukraine
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Sell Fresh Frozen Sturgeon, Eggs Sturgeon, Feed For Sturgeon
Services : sell fresh frozen sturgeon, eggs sturgeon, feed for sturgeon