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Description : Dear Sirs, Armenia has a wide variety of mineral raw materials which forms a basis for the original color scale natural pigments. The main colors are brown, brick-red, cherry, crimson, violet, ochre, yellow, green and their shades. The natural pigments of Armenia are well combined practically with all known bindings that predetermine wide spectrum of their effective usage. The areas of usage: external and internal surfaces of buildings and constructions (front paints, color plasters), art paints (oil, water color, gouache, distemper, pastel, acrylic, etc.), furnish of a surface of natural leather, various composites, cosmetics, internal finishing of churches and temples and iconography. The natural pigments of Armenia are tested in �ENLAKOM� SU at the Government of Moscow, Centre of Sciences of St.-Petersburg Art Paints Factory, "GAMMA" Co Ltd. (Moscow), �Yaroslavkraska� Union, "Pigment" SRI (Tambov). The positive responses were received from some firms from Germany, France, the USA, Canada and Switzerland. The mineral pigments of Armenia were applied at coloring of the Government House (a courtyard and concrete covers of the big window on a facade), hotels "Metropol" and "Olympia" a back part of "Evromotors" building, the Memorial to the soldiers in Tbilisi, civil objects the Oryol province (Russia), in a zone of Spitaksk earthquake over 60 inhabited and public buildings, commandant's office and hospital of Defense Ministry of Armenia. The pigments are used in water emulsion paints (concern "Shem"), algid paints (Grown Chemical), color hardening composites (Multi group Stone), art paints - "Bnutjan Gujner" (Armenia), St.-Petersburg SAP and �Akva color�, factory of art paints "GAMMA" Co Ltd. Moscow. The staff works on expansion of color scale and involving new, before unknown raw materials. The efficiency of natural pigments in silicate paints is high. The SiO2 maintenance in natural pigments fluctuates from 27 to 58 % that predetermines high degree silication and, as consequence, big air residence and durability of a colorful covering. The silicate paint in Armenia is applied for the first time and we develop its structures with the use of Armenian natural pigments. The color scale of natural pigments will completely match to traditional colors of buildings facades, predetermined by color stone usage; however, it is characterized by big color saturation and with wide variety of shades. "Agulis-farm" Co Ltd. owns all necessary complexes of the scientifically-practical possibilities connected with manufacture of natural pigments and silicate paints with different usage of their application, particularly, in construction.
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