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Company : Lamont Davenport Industries & Subsidiaries

Address : PO Box 26669, Nicosia, Cyprus, Cyprus

Country : Cyprus

Postcode : 1646

Website : http://lamontdavenportindustries.com


Description : Lamont Davenport Industries & Subsidiaries (LDI Industries & Subsidiaries) is an economic research development foundation focusing its expertise in the financial markets. We provide private placement strategies for companies that require monetary enhancement assistance.

LDI Industries & Subsidiaries implements intricate strategic platforms for ready company to liquidate their portfolios requiring structured finance. With our various financial venues, humanitarian exposure is our most invested interest. The economic structure for job creation is evaluated daily and our goal is to re-position company infrastructure and streamline their bottom line.

Our platforms consist of; International Payments Private Funding Private Equity Asset Enhancement Public Trade
LDI Industries & Subsidiaries networks with private organizations, corporations, financial institutions and traders. Within the entities, we formulate committees to maintain a certain level of compliance. We have subsidiary companies in which LDI Industries & Subsidiaries delegates its information and research data for the purpose of qualifying a company based on its needs.


National Inter Bank Settlement Administration - Is the International Payment Exchange & Compliance Division for top world banks that deals with private and corporate clients for currency exchange, payment services, money transfers and private banking.

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Fellsway-Winchester & Associates - Is an investment firm that provides capital infusion strategies to private and public companies. The firm utilizes various financial vehicles that can be purposed to expand company operations.

LDI Industries Limited, LLC - is diversified in economic research and development and we strive to find solutions to purpose humanitarian structure. Our belief in the research collected keeps us well informed with market conditions and our ability to offset market conditions.

LDI Holdings - is our credit finance division for internal structures. The information is used to prepare credit activity for various assets to accomodate project finance.

Meridian CDI Company - is the project finance structure for corporate entities that require sufficient development for corporate infrastructure and expansion. A more advanced platform that initiates a residual capital infusion based on corporate needs.

Allied Equity United - is a securities finance firm that provides collateral enhancement strategies. We operate on stock portfolio's to increase real estate development.

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Services : Project Development, Project Finance, Project Campaign Management, Capital Raising, Custom Project Planning
Services : project development, project finance, project campaign management, capital raising, custom project planning