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Address : almonda, torres novas, Portugal

Country : Portugal

Postcode : 2350-817

Fax : 351-249-727096

Mobile : 00351-919183030

Website : www.grupeles.pt


Description : We are the largest Portuguese Hide And Skins Trader in Portugal collecting more than half of the Portuguese continental raw hide and skin production and the majority of the Portuguese islands production (Azores and Madeira). These are predominantly European cattle breeds (mainly Charolais) of mid to high quality grades, fully mechanically flayed and produced according to the most advanced internationally accepted specifications We have establishing business relationships with the most important tanneries in Portugal, extending our product range by subcontracting production services carefully controlled by our in-house expertise. Subcontracting has helped us deliver a more efficient quality sorting of the hides and skins and providing best value for money to our clients. We now have the option to direct raw materials according to their best potential value which can either be raw hide, wet-blue leather, crust leather or finished leather. We are now a truly comprehensive leather industry business with an unique market advantage: we own our raw materials and we use them in their most efficient application in order to deliver best value for money. This way we can afford to produce externally but still achieving a highly competitive price of our final products. We have also found excellent marketing potential for our products abroad. We regularly export raw materials and processed leather to Spain, Italy, Belgium and other European Countries. In recent years we have begun export to India, China and Thailand. This has proven to be an excellent destination for some of our products so we are continuously investing in developing stronger ties with the Asiatic markets. Grupeles is a reliable source for all your leather requirements. We deliver to specification at the most competitive prices. If you have a need we�ll most certainly have an offer to suit your requirements. Contact us, we�ll be ready to offer you our best prices, services and products.
Category : Business Type:Trading
Services : Wet Blue Hides, Salted Hides, Raw Hides, Crust Leather, Finished Leather
Services : wet blue hides, salted hides, raw hides, crust leather, finished leather